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LTSPORTS forces: France, the country of incredibly talented footballers.


Experienced in identifying and placing talent and understands the ever changing demands, pressures and obligations placed on clubs, players, coaches. We have a proud history of providing talented sports professionals with ethical advice and guidance in order to help them fulfil their potential.

LT SPORTS working with some of the most elite professionals in our industry, will give you all the advice and assistance that you need to achieve your full potential in a friendly and “real” environment.

The energy and enthusiasm of our industry is reflected in our commitment and endeavours on your behalf and our priority is to ensure that your future career goes from strength to strength.

At LT SPORTS we understand this better than anyone. We are passionate ourselves about sports, the business of sports, but, more importantly we are interested in our clients and their welfare.

To get the best out of player and club, LTSPORTS understand that it is about introducing the right football player to the right club.


Providing complete and comprehensive representation is what we offer. Our extensive network enables us to explore and develop new and innovative strategies. Each athlete is unique, with individual needs, and there is no universal plan. That’s why a flexible program can help you excel throughout your career. Rely on us.

We feel there is a gap in the market for quality and passion of the field providing special attention toward the success and top accomplishment of the young talents.

Run by people who have been involved in Sports and particularly Youth Football for many years, with LT SPORTS ethical key aspects are falling under:


Through our network and a wealth of experience we can introduce our clients to some of the best opportunities around the globe and make things happening according to your potential.

Our promise is a commitment to doing whatever it takes to help our clients reach their highest level of personal and professional success. We have developed a comprehensive management structure which takes into account every aspect of the pro lifestyle.

LT SPORTS is a highly reputable sports management company that specialises in football on a global platform working with professional associations, clubs, players, coaches, specialists and sponsors throughout the world game.

LT SPORTS have associated partners all across the globe with a solid and quality network developed over several years.

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To get the best out of player and club, LTSPORTS understand that it is about introducing the right football player to the right club to create the strongest synergy and to achieve set-up goals.

Scouting represents the key starting point for a successful recruitment, both at a sports & economical level for a Professional club.

The most famous soccer club in Spain and around the world, Real Madrid Football Club, wants you to experience the best training camp. You will be able to experience a great Spanish culture, make new friends from all over the world, develop your soccer skills and learn new ones, practice Spanish.

LTSPORTS representation of HEAD COACH is one of its very key process at it needs a very important strategy and analysis to be followed to build-up the perfect match both with the club, coach and Team.

LTSPORTS specialised in the organization of friendly games and training preparation of clubs and federations. We suggest you a customized solution and agenda for your pre-season and international breaks. Worlwide selection of the best site fully equipped with accomodation, food and beverage to meet your specific requirements.

LTSPORTS has an extensive global network in several industries and as a result can broker competitive financially rewarding teamwork opportunities with some of the World’s leading brands and can provide…


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Specialised into consulting and sports management, LT SPORTS is represented by former professionals who have gained outstanding competences in the field. 20 years background within the high profile sports industry, LT SPORTS management share competences and experiences to provide customized solution towards your projects.

At LT SPORTS We don't do things the easy way we do things the right way!


LT SPORTS implements a strategic plan developed specifically for you. Let us focus on you.
Send across your background and one of our specialist will assess your profile in depth to find the right plan for you.


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LTSports is focused on working with kids from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Sport brings huge benefits to young people’s lives.

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