Management Players

To get the best out of player and club, LTSPORTS understand that it is about introducing the right football player to the right club to create the strongest synergy and to achieve set-up goals.
We are always looking to recruit young players and use our best endeavours to place them with the right football club. We run a pro-active approach recruitment not limited to technical abilities but mostly on the attitude, environment and education of the player which are key aspect toward success during a career and important value for club.
LTSPORTS Before recommending any football player, we do vigorous amounts of research to match the right player for that club. It’s aspirations, commitment and intentions.


Scouting represents the key starting point for a successful recruitment, both at a sports & economical level for a Professional club.
LT SPORTS scouting team is formed by former professional players, scouting expert & professional football club manager who throughout the year are constantly within the ground of French & international stadium.
We understand that for younger footballers there are many hurdles and many younger players do not achieve their potential and dreams. LTSPORTS will always provide its level best to encourage and develop young talent to go beyond expectation.
Video analysis and written scout reports are provided for the club’s consideration to help into the final decision making before signature.

Training Camp

The most famous soccer club in Spain and around the world, Real Madrid Football Club, wants you to experience the best training camp. You will be able to experience a great Spanish culture, make new friends from all over the world, develop your soccer skills and learn new ones, practice Spanish.
Camps are run by highly experienced certified coaches with many years of experience teaching young soccer players the best soccer drills.
You will be learning new soccer skills with renowned names of Professional Soccer Teams like REAL MADRID one of the best and most popular in the world.
Get in touch with our Team and we will provide you a customized solution & you can arrange your training camp booking all over the year.
The Fundación Real Madrid Campus Experience program emphasizes the development of tactical and technical soccer training as well as the intercultural exchange with participants from other countries.

Management Coach

LTSPORTS representation of HEAD COACH is one of its very key process at it needs a very important strategy and analysis to be followed to build-up the perfect match both with the club, coach and Team.
We will each time make sure to find for HEAD COACH and club the most suitable project and to provide and bring the best value added to a football organization and football team.
We help you source the most adapted club & project to play better, to improve the players and to get positive results to reach the specific targets and overachieve.

Friendly Games

LTSPORTS specialised in the organization of friendly games and training preparation of clubs and federations. We suggest you a customized solution and agenda for your pre-season and international breaks. Worlwide selection of the best site fully equipped with accomodation, food and beverage to meet your specific requirements.
LTSPORTS knows that these preparation represents the first step of a succesful season and we provide you all the tools, atmosphere and environement to be succesfull.


LTSPORTS has an extensive global network in several industries and as a result can broker competitive financially rewarding teamwork opportunities with some of the World’s leading brands and can provide expertise in Sponsorship SourcingStrategic sponsorship selection for both Elite clubs and top athletes. Sport becoming the first pick for leading brands seeking to use football as a marketing platform!